Armoured Reinforcements

With a planned trip to Warhammer World, I planned to take my Catachan Jungle Fighters for their very first outing on the table top. This was mostly due to he fact that the last time I was at Warhammer World, I purchased the majority of models that make up my new Catachan force. At the time someone said that we shouldn’t buy any more models at Warhammer World until we’d painted the models we had bought the previous visit. This was a challenge I felt I could get behind and so it felt good to take the Catachans on the return journey.

We had a table booked and planned to have a 3 vs 3 multiplayer game, but due to Covid (booo!) We had some drop outs and on the end we played a 2 vs 3 game. It was Imperium (3 players) vs Chaos (2 players, with each Imperium player bringing 1000 points each (Chaos 1500 each).

Unfortunately, I didn’t have 1000 points of Jungle Fighters, and what I did have was lacking in the tank department, so what better time then to get a couple of Leman Russ tanks painted up! Oh, and an extra Armoured Sentinel.

Leman Russ Demolisher
When you absolutely, positively, need something dead. Except no substitute.
Leman Russ
Armoured Sentinel

These were all really quick and easy to paint and just like my previously painted Chimera, just require some transfers.

The trip to Warhammer World was a good laugh and it was great to finally get back up there. Sadly in the game that we played, my Catachan force were unable to do much damage to their Death Guard opponents and so Chaos won the day. The Demolisher tank was a highlight of the game as it deleted anything that came into range!

Here are some photos from the action:

Three more boxes are now filled in on the Hobby Bingo!

4 thoughts on “Armoured Reinforcements

    1. Thanks Pete.

      If you can get to Warhammer World I highly recommend it. The exhibition is amazing. Just be prepared to spend money on models you didn’t plan to buy after getting inspired in the exhibition.

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