Lockdown Armies

We are now on week 9 (or is it 10?) of the Global Lockdown, and my hopes of getting lots of my backlog finished has unfortunately not happened.

The reason for this is that I am very fortunate in that I have been able to continue working from home. And I’ve been quite busy. As such, I haven’t had as much time as I hoped I would have to try and fit extra hobby sessions in.

I do really need to get through my backlog so I’ve set myself some planned hobby times during the week (Monday, Tuesday and Friday evenings) as well as hopefully fitting in a bit here and there.

I’m also setting myself the target to try and get the beginnings of some armies finished.

Games Workshop has just announced 9th edition today. One of the new developments I’m looking forward to is how it scales. They claim you’ll be able to easily have some quick smaller games. I’ve always liked small scale Warhammer 40,000 (people can’t spam at a small scale), so getting these finished will give me some more playing options.

To keep things simple, the armies will consist of models that I already own (most are also unbuilt) and will fit neatly into a patrol detachment.

By including several armies, it should satisfy my hobby butterflyiness…

Each army will consist (where possible) of:

  • 1 x HQ
  • 1 x Troop
  • 1 x Elite
  • 1 x Heavy Support

Deviations from the above will be marked by a *

This will give me a nice foundation to build upon in the future.


  • Farseer
  • Guardians
  • Howling Banshees
  • Falcon Grav Tank

Catachan Jungle Fighters

  • Commander
  • Guardsmen
  • Command Squad
  • Heavy Weapons Squad


  • Cryptek
  • Immortals
  • Lychguard
  • Canoptek Wraiths


  • Broodlord
  • Genestealers
  • Tyranid Warriors *
  • Carnifex

Omega Guardians – Space Marines

  • Primaris Librarian
  • Intercessor Squad
  • Aggressors
  • Redemptor Dreadnought *

Death Guard

  • Chaos Lord
  • Plague Marines
  • Blightlord Terminators
  • Plagueburst Crawler

I’ll use the blog to show how I’m getting on.

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