First Founding Octoberfest 2021

So this past weekend I attended my first tournament in what feels like and probably is, years.

The tournament was run by my local gaming group and consisted of three games at 1500pts using some of the missions from Chapter Approved: Grand Tournament 2021.

As I’m still relatively new to 9th edition, I decided to take an army that I was familiar with: Orks

Orks are a great army with multiple different ways that you could play them. You could go massive swarm of Boyz, or bring lots of Dakka, bring lots of fast units and rush up the board, or bring big stompy walkers to crush all beneath their feet.

The only slight problem I had was that had played a grand total of 1 game with the new codex.

That one game consisted of me bringing a trukk rush list that just ran into a genestealer counter charge, or got shot off the board.

After that practice game I decided to drop the trukks and bring stuff that were fun to play instead.

And there’s nothing more fun than a Morkanaut! I love my Morkanaut and it gets better with every codex. It’s now a titanic lord of war with 24 wounds. A bit of a point sink in 1500 pt games, but is great and just scares your opponents (while also becoming a bit of a bullet magnet).

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to take any photos of my games during the tournament as all three of my games seemed to use up all of the time allowed for them.

As a result, I only completed one of the three games. That meant that my other two games were low point scoring for me. Not ideal when your tournament place is based on all of the points you score for the day.

I therefore finished the day in a respectable second to last place.

It was good to play some more games of 40k again but a shame that there wasn’t enough time to see them to their conclusion. The Morkanaut was still alive in both of the games I didn’t get to finish and was ready to make a mess of stuff.

It was also good as it meant I had to put some paint to some Ork models in order to use them in the tournament, so anything that reduces the pile of shame is a win.

Here is the army list that I took:

  • Warboss with Da Killa Klaw
  • Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun
  • Weirdboy
  • 2 x 10 Boyz inc Nob with Choppa
  • 20 Boyz inc Nob with Big Choppa
  • Runtherd with grot prod and lash whip
  • Mek
  • 10 Gretchen
  • Deffdread with Kustom Mega Blaster
  • 3 x Kills Kans with Grotzookas
  • 3 x Deffkoptas
  • Morkanaut with Kustom Force Field

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