Killa Kanz

In order to have some Grotzooka wielding Killa Kanz for my Octoberfest list (as that’s one of the cheap loadout options), I needed to get some more painted.

These guys had been built and had some base colours thrown at them ages ago and I lost all motivation to finish them. Octoberfest gave me that motivation again. I find that that’s one of the best things about going to a tournament, the mad rush to get models finished!

In the end, these guys weren’t bad to paint, but sometimes you just need a break from a model to refresh yourself.

Sadly, these guys don’t fit on the Hobby Bingo board, but they do qualify for both Orktober and Dreadtober, if you’re into such things.

This guy is my favourite of the three as it looks like he’s searching for targets.

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