Good use of a Bank Holiday

A long weekend could only mean one thing – Time to paint!

It’s amazing how much of a day off can disappear when you get into that painting zone and this August Bank Holiday was no exception.

Behold, my handy work for this day of painting awesomeness!

WP_20140826_003 (1)

Although mostly done, I was able to finish off the Deff Dread (the face was originally red and it wasn’t based).

I also gave the Killa Kans an update to bring them inline with the Deff Dread. Truth be told, I was never completely happy with them as I didn’t feel that they matched the rest of my Evil Sunz.


AS you should be able to see, I added a bit more red to each of them and made sure it was the same shade of red that has been used most across the army. I also added some white to tie them in with the Deff Dread.

WP_20140825_006 (1)

I’m not sold on the silver shoulder of this Kan and so may change it to red when I get the chance.

WP_20140825_007 (1)

I’m much happier with this Kan now that it has a silver hatch at the top and the white ‘teeth’.

WP_20140825_008 (1)

Same as the Kan above, I think this one now looks so much better.

You can see how the Killa Kans used to look in the Ork Gallery

I also finished basing some more Boyz and some Lootas that have been mostly finished for a while now. I’ll put those in a future post.

The rest of the Bank Holiday was spent on the Morkanaut “Big Red”

WP_20140825_002 (1)

He’s still a work in progress but I thought I’d show him off. He’s gone in the opposite direction to the Killa Kans in the fact that maybe he’s a little too red. I’m thinking that I can add abit of silver to his shoulders and maybe change the colour of his face.

Any suggestions that anyone has, I’d love to hear them.

Until next time, WAAAGH!

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