Project Update – Bastion and Vengeance Weapon Battery

Vengeance Weapon Battery Gatling Gun

More models finished for the gaming table project, this time it’s a second Bastion and one Vengeance Weapon Battery with both weapon options.

Imperial Bastion

The Imperial Bastion was lovingly donated by Kanan. I added the missing guns to it and then set about putting it in some new colours.


Kanan is a Dark Angels player and so the Bastion was on its way to joining the Unforgiven until it was repurposed in the name of the Emperor.


As before, the separetly mounted gun is not included in this project and will be painted at some point in the future.

Vengeance Weapon Battery

The first of my Vengeance Weapon Batteries is also now finished.

I’ve painted up both of the weapon options as I am able to swap them out by not gluing the turret together. You can see how I did that here.

Here it is with the Gatling Cannon option:

And here is the same Battery with the Battle Cannon instead:

The project is slowly getting there. I’ve a few smaller pieces to tackle before the Aquila Stronghold and the Skyshield Landing Pad

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