Armoured Sentinel

I’ve finished the first vehicle for my new Astra Militarum force, and it’s an Armoured Sentinel.

Having as of yet never played with Astra Militarum, I have no idea what Sentinels are like on the battlefield. I however, absolutely love them.

I think it stems from them looking like a complete rip off of AT-STs from Star Wars.

I had originally planned to follow the Star Wars look and paint the Sentinel grey (along with any other vehicles my force includes), but after painting the Catachan Jungle Fighters, I’ve decided to try and have a coherent look about the force.

By painting my vehicles green to match my Catachans, I can paint the armour of my many (unpainted) Cadians the same. This will allow me to have a large Astra Militarum force where all of the models fit in with each other, while also allowing me to have separate Catachan or Cadian forces that are backed up with some tanks.

Next on the Astra Militarum painting queue is a Chimera and a Leman Russ Tank. I was surprised at how quick I was able to get the bulk of this Sentinel completed. Now that I have a chosen colour for spot lights, weapons and windows, painting other vehicles should be a smooth process.

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