The Christmas Gift – Part 2

Or “A Tale of four Santas” – a much better title that Varchilde came up with.

My Christmas gift is now painted and ready for glory! To catch up on the why and how of the Christmas Gift, see my previous post.

I’m rather pleased with how he has come out and I have had confirmation that the armour colour matched the rest of Dave’s army, which makes me happy as I want the model to fit in.

The model was painted leadbelcher and then two coats of Magos Purple.

I decided to embrace the boots rather than try and hide them. I’ve actually incorporated them into the model’s character.

I liked the name Davius as it sounded like a 40k version of David. I looked at the Kill Team books for names of Emperor’s Children, but none of the names grabbed me. One of the surnames however was “the perfect”, which inspired me to pick a name that would suit the character’s demeanor. Since he’s wearing boots and looking like he’s running, I decided an appropriate name would be: Davius the Swift.

Davius clearly enjoys charging into battle and covering the distance to his foes quickly. He likes how their skulls feel as he crushes them beneath his fancy boots!

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