2020 – A Year in Review

After a slow start to the hobby this year, lockdown in the UK gave me the chance to put some paint on some models and make a start on some of my many projects.

Here is a brief photo recap on all of the models that I have managed to paint this year:

I’m rather pleased with the amount of models that I have painted this year. So all in all, this has been a good hobby year for me (sadly not on the game playing front). Even though a large chunk of these models were painted during the lockdown, many of them have been painted during evenings and weekends since I’ve returned back to the office, (the key was taking some days off work to build and prime models), hopefully I can keep this new found level of productivity going in the new year.

2020 finished model count: 103

4 thoughts on “2020 – A Year in Review

    1. Thanks Jenn. I’m trying to keep the Eldar simple so it’s mostly drybrushing for the armour. I’ve still got a Falcon Grav Tank to paint up for them, but I haven’t found the motivation for that yet. The plan is some point this year!

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