Embracing Nerdom

This year has seen a return of my interest in the Games Workshop Hobby and even a visit up to Nottingham an Warhammer World!


This year I have played only about 4 games of 40K, which probably beats the previous amount of games that I have played of it in my entire life. I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed each game and since that now my geekiness has been outted amongst my friends (thanks Adam!) and we have all moved on from the initial piss-take; I am free to enjoy my new/old hobby.

I’m a big fan of all of the game systems from Games Workshop and in the past, this has been one of my biggest problems with the hobby as each time a new game/model comes out, everything I’ve been working on gets left behind. I was never able then to finish anything. This time, I will be keeping (for the moment) firmly to 40k.

Painting specifically, has been the area of the hobby that I haven’t really enjoyed in the past as I was never very good at it and I could never get enough models painted to be used in a game.

The gaming aspect of the hobby has always appealed to me but there have always been 2 stumbling blocks for me to fully enjoy this part of the hobby:

1) I don’t like playing with unpainted miniatures – see my painting point above

2) I never had anyone to play the games against 😦

So, why the blog?

Blogging is something that I have wanted to get into for a while. I did attempt to start a blog last year but that died a very swift death. This year, as my return the hobby was taking shape, I began following #miniaturemonday on twitter and came across one poster who had his own blog setup http://www.blogsofwarbk.blogspot.co.uk/. This blog has been a bit of an inspiration to me and so the idea of starting my own blog about my return to the hobby was formed.

My plan for 2013, is to gain a higher standard of painting, paint a couple of armies and to attend a gaming club on a regular basis.

This blog will hopefully serve as motivation to achieve these aims. Time will tell….

3 thoughts on “Embracing Nerdom

  1. Awesome that you got back in the hobby!!! congrats on getting back on the horse with your miniature painting!, I had a slump like this a few years ago….It happens, I been playing GW for 22 years now…up and down, hahahaha. good luck and great Blog!

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