The Hobby Lives!

Christmas is over and the dust has settled.

This Christmas my list contained, (for the first time in years) items from Games Workshop. While my family steered clear of my nerdy interests, my girlfriend stepped up to the plate and bought me a wealth of painting goodies – Nerd Acceptance!

The most awesome of these gifts was the How to Paint Citadel Miniatures book. I have read this cover to cover several times over this Christmas break and watched the accompanying DVD a couple of times too.

This is the starting point to me becoming a better painter (and at the same time a poorer man) as I have now gone out and spent a lot of money on paints, tools and models, just so I can paint along to some of the examples in the book.

WP_000497The Christmas Gift Collection

The Bank Breaking Indulgence

This should keep me busy for a while and I will post once I have anything finished.

In the meantime, Check out my new paint station!


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