Octoberfest 2018

This weekend I attended First Founding’s Octoberfest in Chessington, South West London.

Octoberfest is a 1250 point, Warhammer 40k 8th edition tournament.

Players were allowed to bring a battle forged army consisting of up to two detachments using units from one codex.

To avoid soup, Chaos, Aeldari and Imperium were not allowed as faction choices. However, there are exceptions to these rules (Knights, Assassins, Sisters of Silence, Renegade Knights and Ynnari are allowed) but stratagems and relics are only allowed from the codex of your main force.

The day consisted of 4 games with 2 hours for each game and each opponent chosen using the Swiss Pairs system.

Sadly, Codex Orks is still a couple of weeks away, so no fancy stratagems or relics for me.

My army consisted of a Battalion Detachment.


Warboss – with kombi rokkit shoota, power klaw and attack squig. Warlord Trait: Legendary Fighter

Warboss – with shoota and power klaw

Warboss – with shoota and power klaw




Nobz Squad – 5 Nobz, 2 power klaws, 3 choppas, 4 sluggas and kombi scorcha

Rutherd – with grot prod


Boyz Squad – 29 Boyz, Nob with power klaw, 29 choppas, 30 sluggas

Boyz Squad – 29 Boyz, Nob with power klaw, 29 choppas, 30 sluggas

Gretchin – 10 Grots


Morkanaut – with kustom force field

Game 1: Secure & Control + Cleanse & Capture

Opponent: Custodians

I didn’t hold out much home for this game, but with the Maelstrom element to the game, there was always a chance I could steal it by claiming objectives.

Unfortunately, my army was all foot slogging so the chance of scoring the opponent’s home objective was next to impossible. Especially when my opponent had first turn and sent his jet bikes straight at me.

The game ended in a crushing victory for the Custodians as all of the Orks were wiped out. I also pulled out some terrible Maelstrom cards that I had no chance in claiming.

I can’t remember what number of VPs my opponent Matt scored, but I walked away from the table with a mighty 0 VPs but did destroy 3 of the Emperor’s finest.

I had never played Custodians before and they are brutal. Even though I had my arse handed to me and didn’t make it out of my own deployment zone, I had a great game with a very nice opponent. And that for me is what I want when playing wargames.

Game 2: Domination

Opponent: Ynnari

After sucking in Game 1, I was looking forward to Game 2 as due to the Swiss Pairs system, would be facing someone who had done nearly as bad as me.

My opponent for this games was to be Josh with his Admech. I fought Josh at the Mayhem Tournament back in May Game 1, and he got my vote for favourite opponent as it was a very fun game.

Sadly, at the last minute there was a change of opponent due to a Game 1 over running. As one of the players in that game had an Ork army, it was probably best that we didn’t face each other or we would never get to turn 2.

I therefore had to face Marcus and his Ynnari.

I’ve never faced Ynnari before but I’m well aware of the psychic power they possess.

I had nothing to counter much that Marcus had in his force and so tried to play to the missions and go for the objectives. I managed to get a few charges off and wipe out a few units but with doom, guide and fortune getting thrown around, whatever Marcus’s Dark Reapers looked at, got deleted.

I managed to score some VPs this game but once again, had no models left on the table at the end.

Game 3: Dust to Dust

Opponent: Admech

I think my opponent Greg was having as good a tournament as I was, which meant that this was going to be a much closer game.

For the first time that day, the Morkanaut was not removed turn 1 and managed to make its way across the board.

With the Admech taking shots from distance in their castle and the Boyz moving across the board to get to the objectives, it was a fairly cagey affair. By the time our forces managed to meet around the center of the table Game 3 was almost up.

We both found ourselves in control of 2 objectives. Players receive an additional VP for the objectives that are held by a Troops choice. I had 2 Troops holding objectives to Greg’s 1, which meant that I scrapped a victory by 1 VP!

Game 4: The Relics

Opponent: Admech

For Game 4 I finally faced Josh with his Admech. In this mission there are 3 relics on the table, placed in certain locations.

Getting first turn is absolutely key to playing Orks as we get to move Boyz up before removing them due to that mass fire of the other armies. It also means that a Morkanaut will actually get to do something before being blown up.

In this game, I got turn one again and headed straight for the relics.

One squad of 30 boyz (who had a painboy and Warboss in support) grabbed the central relic and were then annihilated by the forces of Mars, leaving the Warboss on his own, in the center of the table with the relic.

The other 30 boyz (also with painboy and Warboss in support) grabbed another relic and then hid in a building for the rest of the game.

This lead to the Morkanaut and Warlord to take the fight to the enemy. After many terrible rounds of combat and great invulnerable saves, the Morkanaut and Warlord were toast. As the dust settled, the Orks had 2 relics (one held by troops for addition 1VP) while the Admech had 1 relic, Slay the Warlord and Linebreaker.

A 7-5VP win for the Orks and the end of the tournament.

Even though it’s only 4 games, it feels like a very long day and I was shattered by the end of it, but I had lots of fun and I’m looking forward to the next one.

Thank you to my opponents for some great games of 40k.

I’m looking forward to the next Mayhem (although there are plans afoot for a doubles event in February). Looks like I need to get my scenery finished and start plans for a either some additions to the Boyz or a different army entirely.

Thanks for reading.

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