What’s on the Painting Table?

Work has been insanely busy of late, so I have not found the time to get much painting in.

My cityscape scenery has been left in an almost finished state, but before I move on to more urban buildings, I need to finish a project that has already been started.

I had started the Skyshield Landing Pad earlier this year to try and get it finished for the Mayhem tournament back in May. Unfortunately, this was the one piece I failed to deliver on.

With ideas bouncing round my head of trying to get another table ready for the Octoberfest tournament, it made more sense to finish this kit.

That and it’s taking up space in my dining room, taunting me to finish it.

So, here’s where we are at so far. Another few evenings and hopefully it will be done.

I’ve found myself skipping corners on this one just to try and get it done. So no shading every last recess with Nuln Oil. In fact the grey hasn’t been shaded at all. I’m also not being particularly neat and then tidying up afterwards. We’ll see how this approach pans out.

Until next time.

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