I am the Law!

This year I have been getting into Judge Dredd and a while back I found (thanks to a video by Midwinter Minis) that Warlord Games have a Judge Dredd miniatures game.

I’ve known about Judge Dredd for years, but other than the two movies I’ve had no real exposure to the universe.

After watching the Necromunda remote gaming sessions on Warhammer TV during the lockdown, my interest in the law laying down justice on Cyberpunk gangers was peaked and I started looking into Judge Dredd graphic novels.

After thoroughly enjoying these Judge Dredd stories I started looking into the miniatures game, Judge Dredd: I am the law.

This is a bit of a break in the norm for me as usually my wargaming interest is firmly in the doors of Games Workshop. But some of you may be interested to know that the rules for Judge Dredd are written by none other than Andy Chambers and Gav Thorpe. Reason enough to give it a look.

I had thought about not getting involved with another gaming system as surely Necromunda will be good enough to satisfy some Law Vs Gangers combat, but when the Judge Dredd starter set was being sold at a discounted price from my regular FLGS (www.darksphere.co.uk), I took the plunge. It’s also only ten models, so should be the smallest starter set I’ve ever had to paint.

The deal was even sweeter when I was also sent the exclusive Dredd vs Death mini that I had thought was exclusive only to orders directly from Warlord Games.

I was even happier when I saw that Warlord Games has provided some solo play rules for the game. Now I don’t even need to find someone to play it with me!

If you’re interested, the rules can be found here: https://www.warlordgames.com/the-graveyard-shift-solo-play-in-mega-city-one/

Regular readers may have realised that this starter set was not on my approved purchases list for 2021, and they are absolutely right. However, I feel that because this is not a GW product, I should be forgiven for this one digression…

Anywho, the real reason you are here is for the models!

I have now finished all of the models from this set, enabling me to tick off the last Unit of 10+ models from the Hobby Bingo!

Street Judges

This guy was a joy to paint. I don’t know whether it was the model itself or just the fact that I focused only on one model rather than trying to batch paint a squad. I think that knowing a few more hours work would see him finished was the motivation to go back to him the next night and get him done.

I’m not 100% sure about the green colour used on the boots and gloves but for the moment I’m happy with him.

I decided to stick with it though for the Rookie Judge (who is clearly based on Judge Anderson)

These judges were quite straight forward to do and I had alot of fun painting them.

With all of the models in this box set, the idea of batch painting them sucked all of my motivation away. I’m not sure why, but I couldn’t bring myself to paint them.

However once I picked up one model and began just focusing on that one, I really enjoyed it. There is quite a lot of details on these models and some of them too small for my eyes. I’ve therefore just thrown paint at them and hoped that old faithful Agrax Earthshade will sort it out for me.

Agrax has done a lot of heavy lifting on these models and completely transformed them. There’s a reason it’s known as Liquid Talent.

Block Gang

These models just show that sometimes all you need is some basic colours and a simple wash. There is only a couple of highlights on this whole squad, mostly on the coloured hair!

I’ve kept the look quite plain on the Block Gang, using mostly greys and browns rather the more comic book colours that Warlord Games has used.

All of these models are made out of the new Warlords resin. At the moment I’m not a fan. This could be because I’ve not worked with it before, but the fact that it can’t be filed like plastic has put me off. It’s also lead me to leaving far too many mold lines on them. Hopefully, they’re not too noticeable.

I’m now down to the final square on the Hobby Bingo and only a couple of days left to get it completed. Will I have enough time?

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