2021 – A Year in Review

Another year is over and so once again we’ve reached that time where we look back at all of the models that I managed to paint (and a little bit said about those that I didn’t).

I’ve managed to get quite a few models painted this year. The Hobby Bingo has been a good motivator to get a lot of different models to the painting desk and finished. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to complete the Hobby Bingo as I have run out of time to get the Stompa finished. This is despite a few late evenings trying to get him finished. The Stompa should be the first model I finish in 2022.

Looking back at my plans for 2021 I have managed to get a few of them painted. There’s just a lot of models that I haven’t managed to get around to. Maybe this year?…

Looking back at my spending plans for 2021 I was mostly able to stick to this albeit with a few exceptions, so the money I was spending on GW models was kept on check. The problem was that I discovered Warlord Games, and threw money at Strontium Dog (the entire range!), Judge Dredd and Beyond the Gates of Antares (they always seem to have an offer on that is too good to miss).

There will be some Warlord Games miniatures appearing on the blog in 2022.

So here is a recap of all of the models that I managed to get painted in 2021:

Total model count: 78

Not as many as last year but a decent chunk. All in all a successful 2021!

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