Half year review

I’ve been thinking about all of the models that I have painted this year and how it compares to last year.

Last year was quite productive and I enjoyed the challenge of the Hobby Bingo. Whilst it got a bit hectic towards the end and I was glad to see the back of it, it was a good motivator to get models finished.

I’ve been finding it a bit of a struggle of late to focus on painting and I was contemplating bringing the hobby bingo back to try and kickstart the painting mojo again (it would also help me work on the Stompa again).

As we are now half way through the year, what better time to compare against the last year’s finished hobby? With the record of this blog and the Hobby Bingo, it’s a very straight forward process to compare.

As a refresher, this was the grid that was used for the Hobby Bingo 2021:

And as of June 19th 2021, this was the state of painted models:

In total, 20 models. Not a bad total, but I was clearly more productive in the second half of the year (you can see the finished amount here).

Now let’s look at the current standings of 2022:

There’s a total of 41 models and a bucket load of terrian. Without taking the terrain into account, that’s double what I painted this time last year!

As you can see, I would also not be far off completing half of the Hobby Bingo grid, which should really be the aim at this stage of the year.

I haven’t decided yet as to whether I should keep going with the 2022 Hobby Bingo as I like the freedom to paint what I want, but now that I’ve started filling up the chart, it would be wrong to stop, right?

I’ve got a few things in my painting queue at the moment, that once I’ve completed, I can add to this chart and maybe take it from there.

Has anyone else had a productive hobby year so far?

2 thoughts on “Half year review

  1. I’ve just stumbled across your blog while looking for terrain inspiration. Just got my hands on a couple of bastions and trenches etc and I’m painting them just like you. Any chance you could let me know what colours you use for the blue grey on them? Something like Shadow Grey I assume but not 100%

    1. Hi, thanks for checking out my blog.
      It’s been along time since I painted the bastions and Wall of Martyrs kits, but I’m pretty sure they were painted Mechanicus Standard Grey, Nuln oil in the recesses and then beated with Mechanicus Standard Grey again. I think it was then a drybrush of dawnstone.

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