Kill Team Arena

As I write this blog post I am about to get into bed as I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow. Why is that you ask? Because I will be hitting the road early and making yet another Pilgrimage up to Warhammer World!

I will be heading up there once more with my buddies Pete and Bryan. As is tradition on one of these trips, we will play a game within the hallowed walls of Warhammer World.

Unfortunately, when I tried to book a table a couple of weeks ago, there were none left. I’ve got the Guard packed and ready to move out in case there is a table cancellation, but we needed a fallback plan.

Enter Kill Team Arena.

My regular gaming group aren’t moving with the times as we are sticking with the previous edition of Kill Team (I’ve got all the books but only played a handful of times) and a while back I picked up the Kill Team Arena expansion.

As this game just requires a small amount of terrain and a game board, it should be perfect to play on a table in Bugman’s Bar.

All that was needed was to get the terrain painted, and after a few evenings of graft, the terrain is now complete.

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