Catachan Jungle Fighters

This week I’ve finally managed to finish my Catachans.

I’ve worked on these guys during the lockdown and they were mostly finished except for their bases.

These are the two squads that were at this stage.

First up is just a normal 10 man guardsmen squad:

The second squad is a Veterans squad so plenty of special weapons, including two melta guns, one plasma gun and one heavy flamer:

You may also notice in this squad that some of the guardsmen look familiar…

Here’s Dutch, Dillion, Mac, Blain and Billy:

The heads come from Mad Robot Miniatures. Here’s a link to them.

The third squad is once again just a normal guardsmen squad:

This squad has been finished as part of my lockdown painting plan and my plan of getting some patrol detachment sized armies ready for 9th edition.

3 thoughts on “Catachan Jungle Fighters

  1. Excellent. I love the Predator gang. Not so long ago I bought a “Dutch” miniature from Hasslefree. Haven’t painted him yet. He’s a very cool sculpt but not quite the right scale for Catachan.

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