First model of the year!

So 2021 has started with a bit of a bang, as I’ve finished my first model of the year right out of the starting gate.

I’ve currently got two squads of Space Marines on the go, but after seeing Ann’s challenge over at Ann’s Immaterium I decide to start on a brand new model.

I’ve got a few vehicles for all of my various armies that I really need to get painted, but for some reason I feel quite daunted at the prospect of them (I’m looking at you – unfinished Stompa!).

After the success I had at painting my Astra Militarum Armoured Sentinel, I was confident that I could paint up my Chimera rather quickly. For once, I was right as this only took about three evenings to finish.

I’m now inspired to start on some more vehicles (just as soon as I’ve finished those Space Marines).

I may add some dusting to the bottom of the tank to show use as well as some transfers but I will wait till I have a few more tanks before I add those. For the moment, I’m calling it done.

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