Painting motivation

I’ve been struggling with painting motivation for the past few months.

Work has been busy and when I’ve finally had time to myself, the idea of painting has felt more like a chore. As a result, I’ve done very little.

I’ve currently got Necromunda scenery and a couple of gangs on my painting station. When I started working on them, Necromunda was the game system that was fueling my hobby mojo. Sadly, since then I’ve taken a break from painting as the time to paint has not been there. Now unfortunately, the motivation has left me too.

Enter, Age of Sigmar.

With talk of our local gaming club reopening following the Covid restrictions, and a plan to start getting some Age of Sigmar played down there, (a coincidence that version 3.0 is dropping) hobby motivation has returned.

Freshly built and ready to spray!

Part of me feels, that if I was to do any hobby, I should really finish the projects I’m already working on but I’ve decided to go with something new.

To work on unfinished projects when you really want to paint something else will feel like a chore, so I think you’ve got to work on what’s motivating you. I think that’s how you can enjoy the painting side of this hobby. While it means you’re a constant hobby butterfly, it also means that you’ll be enjoying your hobby time and hopefully finish some models.

A new project begins

So paint what you want to paint, unfinished models be damned!

3 thoughts on “Painting motivation

  1. I had to park my cities of Sigmar for a similar reason… best decision I’ve made recently hobby wise. Looking forward to seeing how your Stormcast turn out. What colour scheme are you going with?

    1. Hi Ben,

      Thanks for reading.

      As I want to try and get my Stormcast painted as quickly as possible, I’ve chosen the Anvils of Heldenhammer.
      So far it’s not being the quick scheme it was in my head, but I think that’s more due to my inability to not slop paint on a part of the model I’ve already painted. Much tidying up to do!

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