Project Update – Bastion & Aegis Defence Line

The project is beginning to build momentum, as this week I have finished one of the Imperial Bastions and put the finishing touches to the Aegis Defence Line. For this project, I'm not painting any of the gun emplacements as they will not be used on the gaming table at the tournament. I will paint … Continue reading Project Update – Bastion & Aegis Defence Line

Project Update: Wall of Martyrs – Completed

Looking back at my Project plans, it appears that I had forgotten to add the Wall of Martyrs to the list of items to get ready for my Mayhem 2018 Gaming Table. Well, regardless, I'm pleased to announce that the Wall of Martyrs is now finished. The wall consists of 1 x Imperial Defence Emplacement … Continue reading Project Update: Wall of Martyrs – Completed

Half Year Project Update

With a lack of Mechanicus Standard Grey and a lack of effort to brave the outside and go and get some, this past weekend saw me putting together the remaining unbuilt terrain kits that I will be using as a gaming table for the upcoming Mayhem 40k tournament. As a recap, I have set myself … Continue reading Half Year Project Update

Scenery Showcase – Crashed Aquila Lander

Here are some pictures of my completed Crashed Aquila Lander from the Battle For Macragge 40k boxset. I really like this as a scenery kit, it doesn't give much line of sight blocking (which is very important in the latest edition) but it's a very thematic kit and great for telling a narrative. I chose … Continue reading Scenery Showcase – Crashed Aquila Lander

My Hobby Plans for 2018

Happy New Year dear reader! With a new year comes new hobby plans and so what does the grim dark of 2018 hold for me? After failing to achieve my goal of 2017 of finishing the Dark Vengeance boxset (only the Dark Angels left to go) my plan for 2018 will be of course to … Continue reading My Hobby Plans for 2018

Scenery Painting – Broken Aquila

While my blog postings have been virtually non-existent as of late, my hobbying has been quite productive these past few months. One of my favourite things about Warhammer 40,000 is playing a game with not only fully painted armies but also on a table with fully painted scenery. Scenery is a part of the game … Continue reading Scenery Painting – Broken Aquila

Imperial Statue

Here is a step by step guide as to how I painted the Imperial Statue from the Honoured Imperium Set. Here is the finished article: I started with Wraplock Bronze over a black undercoat and Mechanicus Standard Grey for the base. Next, I drybrushed the Statue with Balthasar Gold. I then drybrushed the base with … Continue reading Imperial Statue

Moonscape Craters

Recently I was able to final put paint to the Moonscape Craters. I really like the idea of having all my own terrain so I'm slowly working through the peices that I have. These were relatively quick and easy to paint. I started by putting Armageddon Dust around the edges of each of the craters. … Continue reading Moonscape Craters

Promethium Relay Pipes

Recently I've been on a bit of a scenery kick and the first scenery kit I've completed fully is the Promethium Relay Pipes. These were painted with Leadbelcher spray to start. I then used Warplock Bronze on the main pipes and Baltasar Gold on the smaller pipes and Aquilas. The whole thin was then washed … Continue reading Promethium Relay Pipes