What’s on the Painting Table?

It’s been a while since my last entry in this series, (although some posts could have made it into it) but I’ve decided to bring it back so that I can update the blog a bit more frequently.

What’s on the painting table is my series of posts showing models that are currently work in progress. I seem to be flipping between projects at the moment (still no sign of any Dark Angels being painted) so hopefully there will be a few more posts in this series in the near future.

First up though, on the back of all the excitement following the release of Kill Team and the new scenery kits, come some older scenery kits.

The bigger of these three buildings is actually a repaint, although I never finished the original paint job. I decided to paint all of my older city scenery (including ones I had already put a few colours on) in the same way that I plan to paint the new scenery kit that came in the Kill Team box set.

For this I am mostly following the Warhammer TV guide except that I am not plastering the whole building in Agrax Earthshade.

These buildings are almost finished with just a couple of more bits to do to them. I’ll do a scenery showcase when all of the city buildings are done.

3 thoughts on “What’s on the Painting Table?

  1. Awesome stuff. Thanks for the link to the guide, those buildings look great, will definitely need to give it a go.

    1. Thanks for reading and thanks for the comment. So far they’ve been quite quick to do, but I’m out of Screaming Skull so can’t finish them off and my Zandri Dust spray is empty so can’t start any more!

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