Sector Mechanicus: Part 1

It’s been a while since my last post as sadly I’ve not had much time for hobbying lately. Most of my free time has been spent rewatching the Marvel Films so that I was refreshed for Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Motivation has now returned so hopefully I will get some more models finished in the next few weeks.

While hobby time has been limited I have however managed to start work on the Sector Mechanicus scenery that came in the Shadow War: Armageddon boxset.

I’ve previously built and painted one piece of Sector Mechanicus scenery but I think I spent far too much time on it and used too much wash. As a result I’ve not been looking forward to painting more.

That is, until recently when I decided to try and paint some scenery without taking too much care over it. Rough and ready will do so long as it’s done.

So here is my rough and ready scenery,:

As I don’t think I’ve previously shown my Sector Mechanicus terrain on the blog, here it is for the sake of comparison:

As you can see, I spent more time on the this piece and painted more of the details, including the gold plates on the walkway above.

The scenery looks better when all of the little details are painted but it does make the process take much longer. Having said that, I think the walkway looks better for not having the gold panels and by skipping these will also speed up painting time. When I get chance I will repaint the walkway on the first model to remove the gold plates. I may pick out some of the other details at some point in the future.

And that’s another box filled in for Hobby Bingo:

5 thoughts on “Sector Mechanicus: Part 1

  1. That look good to me. For big pieces of terrain like that I prefer to use oil washes rather than hobby ones. Work better and are cheaper too.



    1. Thanks Pete. I pretty much use GW stuff as I’ve never used anything else. I tried to avoid using wash on some parts of the building so I wasn’t using tons of the stuff.

  2. That looks wonderful!! I was really pleased when I got my first big terrain piece finished recently, you’ve got me inspired to do some more now!!

  3. The Mechanicus terrain looks brilliant, especially for a “rough and ready” piece. Congrats on your bingo card progress!

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