Terrain Crate: Deadzone Terrain Booster

I wanted some terrain that I could use for the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game. I looked around at a few different kits but not much really grabbed me. I didn’t want to go down the MDF route, but I also wanted something that would look like it belonged in Mega city One.

I then found the Deadzone Terrain Booster. It has a sci-fi look but also comes with a rubbish bin, a vending machine (or ATM), neon signs and other pieces that make it look city like.

I purchased a couple of packs that meant I could make some complete buildings.

I’ve still got the smaller scatter pieces to paint, but by completing the buildings should mean I can finally start playing the game!

All I need now is a suitable gaming mat to play on.

I also have the graffiti transfers that came in the I am the Law starter box that I need to look into putting on these buildings, but that’s a job for another time.

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