Sector Mechanicus: Part 2

My second piece of rough and ready Sector Mechanicus terrain is now finished.

A few months ago I began working on this (as well as my other piece) and was really hitting my stride, until I unfortunately ran out of Mechanicus Standard Grey.

As the last bit of paint left the pot, so did my enthusiasm for this model.

When my supply of Mechanicus Standard Grey was replenished, the hobby butterfly in me had moved on.

Feeling that I needed a quick win to reignite my hobby fire, I decided to dust this model off and get it finished.

I’m feeling good that it’s now done. It’s finally finished and it can now be put away to stop making me feel guilty for leaving it unfinished.

I wonder what other quick wins I have lying around waiting for those last couple of paints to be put on…

3 thoughts on “Sector Mechanicus: Part 2

    1. Thanks Spalanz,

      It’s just Mechanicus Standard Grey with some Gold and silver on the details, washed with Agrax Earthshade and then drybrushed with Ushabti Bone.

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