Hobby Night

Monday night is hobby night.

Tonight is the one night of the week when I try my hardest to get some painting done.

Usually, I don’t get much finished, but every now and then I manage to get something posted to Twitter for #miniaturemonday.

It does feel that I’m getting a little obsessed with this hobby as I am buying magazines, ebooks and new models left, right and centre.

I’ve even thought about investing in the Warhammer Fantasy Battle system, but I’ve got so much to do still in 40k.

I do get a bit jealous of other painters who seem to be able to paint loads of models in a relatively short time.
The hobby must feel much fresher to them as they jump from one army/game system to the next, where as I feel like I’ve got a never ending tide of similar models that seem to take forever to finish!

Maybe it’s the batch process of painting that is the issue? As I’m not feeling like I’m finishing much…

Still, with the Orks finished from the Black Reach boxset, I now have 2 starter armies to add to. I just have a lot of Space Marines to paint before I can move onto anything else.

What sucks, is that by only having one night dedicated to hobby, it will take me ages to finish all the models that I have.

I can’t justify buying any more models until these are done, but there are so many awesome models that I want to have!

Damn you Games Workshop!

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