This post as been in my Draft folder for ages. Might as well post it.

Anyway, apparently, I suck at 40k.

I’ve managed to get two games in since my destruction at the hands of the Necrons and things have not improved. I wont bore anyone with the details of these games but I’ll include some highlights.

I arranged for another game at GW Epsom but this time I was armed with advice from my last opponent so took more troops than before. This meant that I had to annoyingly, take unpainted models.
I was thus able to field the following army:

  • 1 Captain
  • 10 man Tactical Squad – with Flamer and Missile Launcher
  • 5 man Tactical Squad -Sergeant with Plasma Pistol
  • 5 man Devastator Squad – 4 Missile Launchers
  • 1 Dreadnought
  • 5 man Terminator Squad – 5 Storm Bolters
  • 5 man Assault Squad – 1 Plasma Pistol and 1 Power Fist
  • This was the first game that I had played which involve Victory Points and Objectives. It was a close thought game and alot of fun. I was playing against GW Epsom’s Store Manger Ben and his awesomely painted Chaos Space Marines (as seen on his blog: http://blogsofwarbk.blogspot.co.uk)

    The result was a 4:3 victory to Ben.

    The highlights included:

  • A Squad of Khorne Chaos Space Marines (Veterans of the Long War) falling over when they disembarked from their wrecked transport (obviously it was too bright for them outside of the Rhino)
  • Ben rolling 15 dice to attack me with his Warpsmith!
  • My Sergeant Punching the Warpsmith in the face with his Powerfist after the Warpsmith annihilated my Captain and 2 Squads
  • The 2 Plasma Pistols causing more damage to my side by blowing up both users
  • The second game was held at Warhammer World in Nottingham.

    I’ve been to Warhammer World before with my friend Adam when my interest in the hobby was returning but on that visit the only game we played was an introductory game in the GW store there.

    With all of the awesome tables there, we knew that one day we would have to return and play a ‘proper’ game.

    The moving of the Assault on Magnir’s Crag gave us the perfect excuse to return.

    The only issue was what we would fight with.

    I knew that I had the Space Marines from Assault on Black Reach painted, but Adam has no models and I had only finished some of the Orks. It was therefore down to me to get as many as the Orks finished as possible before we went!

    Sadly, I wasn’t able to finish all of the models (I’m blaming the bulb blowing in my painting lamp for that) but they were game-able.

    This game was the first were I was responsible for the rules and may go down as one of the longest games ever!


    The short report of this game is that I was Orks, Adam’s Terminators turned up (eventually!) and ruined everything for me.

    The game did highlight for me how uneven the the two sides from Assault on Black Reach are (I’m not a sore loser – honest!) but it does mean I need to strengthen the Ork force.

    Which has led me to buy these guys:

    20130701-232519.jpgKilla Kans!

    I’ll let you know how I get on once these guys have been painted and seen some action.

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