Gaming and Greenskins

Updates to the blog aren’t happening as frequently as I’d like so apologies for that but this update is different to my previous ones, for I have taken a larger step into the hobby. But before that: Orks

After finishing The Mentors, I needed a change from Space Marines (more importantly, white Space Marines!). I therefore looked at the Orks from the Assault on Black Reach set.

Some of these I had already painted, but i was not impressed with the outcome. I couldn’t be bothered to strip them so just began painting over them. I’ve used the Evil Sunz painting guide as a basis, except that I can’t be bothered to do layer highlights so that stage has been ignored.

In the absence of layer highlights, I have also deviated from the guide when it comes to paint Ork flesh. As per the guide, I started with a Waaagh! Flesh basecoat and then a layer of Warboss Green. I then use Evil Sunz Scarlet to paint the eyes and neatened with Warboss Green if required. The next stage was the change. For this stage I used the small drybrush and drybrushed Hellion Green on the raised area of Ork Flesh and then finished by covering all of the flesh areas with Biel-Tan Green.

I think you can definitely see an improvement over my original paint scheme (which used Warboss Green shaded with Nuln Oil)

20130525-222851.jpgFirst Attempt Orks

20130525-223449.jpgSecond Attempt Ork

20130525-223504.jpgMore on the way…

Ok, back to my hobby advance. The other weekend I purchased a miniature carry case to store my newly painted Mentors in (as my girlfriend seemed to have a habit of knocking them over!). I thought it would also provide me with some motivation to get involved on the gaming side.

Well, while purchasing the case it was suggested to me that I book a gaming slot at that Games Workshop on one of their gaming nights, so that I could have a bit of an introductory game to help me with some of the new rules from 6th edition.

This is precisely what I did.

I arranged a 600 point game with the store’s manager (as all I had painted were the Space Marines from Assault on Black Reach). As it turned out there was a player who’s opponent dropped out so I ended up playing him.

He came with Necrons. I’ve heard and read bad things about Necrons, now I have witnessed them. It was a fair game and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, but it was nothing short of an arse-kicking.

People in the store commented on how nice my Mentors were painted which was nice, until they could spend a bit of time marvelling at them in my ever increasing Dead Pile.
There isn’t too much to really say about the game, except my Dreadnought didn’t last 2 turns and my Terminators faired little better.

Hero of the Day went to the Missile Launcher Space Marine, who although was unable to kill anyone, he was my last remaining model and in the face of such an onslaught, held his ground twice before finally succumbing in hand-to-hand combat against a Destroyer Lord.

Sadly, there was also a real life casualty, as I dropped my Captain when putting him away in my carry case. He was clearly so angry at the poor showing of the Terminators, that it would appear his Power Sword sliced right through one of them.

20130525-230254.jpgIs there an Apothecary in the house?

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