Finally Finished

As the dead give away title implies, I have finished something.

That something, is my small force of Mentor Space Marines from the Assault on Black Reach starter set.

It feels that it has taken me ages, as it quite literally has. I can now draw a line under them for the moment and say that they are completed and not have to worry about painting white for a while.

As always when I try to paint, I get a few models in and then I’m not sure if I like the colour scheme. I’m pleased to say that I persevered with them and I’m pleased with the outcome.

I now have something that I’ve never had in the hobby – a starting point with which to build on.
Now I’ll be able to buy new Space Marine models and paint them in the Mentors’ colours so that the force can grow.

So here are The Mentors:




I think I’ll take a slight break from Space Marines for the moment. Maybe I’ll finish the Orks from Black Reach too, before moving onto Dark Vengeance.

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