It’s been even longer…

Whoops! I’ve let it slide again.

It seems that I’m just too busy to be able to get much hobby done and even busier to write about it! So a slight update is in order.

Firstly, Games Workshop is still able to remove a fairly large chunk of money my bank each month. This month I finally purchased the Limited Edition of Dark Vengeance, another copy of Assault on Black Reach (Worth it for the deffkoptas alone!), Death from the Skies compendium book, Transfers for Mentor Space Marines and (not necessarily Games Workshop) Relic from Fantasy Flight Games.

So as you can see, only a few small purchases!

On the painting side, I was able to finish the rest of the combat squad that my test Mentor was from as well as a unit of Terminators:

Yet again, I’m rather pleased with my handy work. Now I just need to start the remaining and then attempt to put my recently purchased transfers on them (that’ll be a first!).

So, the Mentors are going well and I’m now beginning to think about how I can paint the Space Marines from Assault on Black Reach. I can’t paint them as Mentors as they’re the same models that I’m currently painting, part of me would like to paint them as Ultramarines, or as another less painted chapter (such as Scythes of the Emperor) or one that I think I might be able to paint quickly and simply (Raven Guard, Death Spectres, Brazen/White Minotaurs).

The idea I currently have is to make them Dark Angels, that way they can be added to the models fro Dark Vengeance to be quite a large force. This unfortunately means that I’m going to be painting a lot of models Caliban Green (as I’ve used that for the Mentors).

I have some Space Marines that I may have to strip and repaint as Mentors, perhaps some test models are in order…. Still, probably its best to get the Mentors finished first and maybe take part in a game.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts on Space Marine paint schemes.

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