Arks of April – 1st Game of Boarding Actions

Tonight was my first game of boarding actions.

The game was fun and thematic, but once again I was let down by my poor generalship. I don’t mind too much as there were plenty of lessons learnt.

Key for me was to make sure that I create firing lines so that my units are able to fire, including to make sure that models in the same unit don’t block line of sight…

The most important thing to remember however is to not bunch all of your units up. All of my best shooting models all got caught up in the same melee combat and eventually fell without getting a shot off!

While the same is true in regular 40k, it felt worse in boarding actions. I probably could have fallen back with a unit to get them out of combat, but it almost felt like there was no escape!

The terrain painting is coming along nicely and I reckon I’m on track to get it all finished by the end of the month. I do however need to pick up some more paint this weekend…

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