Arks of April – The Painting

As we begin another month, it’s time to look at last month’s challenge.

While I have failed to complete the challenge of painting the whole Boarding Actions terrain set in a month, I am actually quite close to having it finished. I reckon just a few more painting sessions will get this done.

While it’s not the best standard of painting, it’s certainly good enough to set a theme for the battlefield and not distract from the miniatures in your army.

This is the current stage for the majority of the walls:

A couple more paints (mostly tidying up) and then they are ready for a wash and drybrush.

Here is what they will look like when done:

For those interested, here is my step by step guide to painting the Boarding Actions set:

First of all, use some masking tape to cover up the connectors. It’s hard enough trying to get these walls together, but if you paint these it’ll be even harder due to the connection being so tight.

1. Spray Black

2. To add more interest to the walls, paint the panels Skavenblight Dinge.

3. Add your metallics. Heavily drybrush Warlock Bronze over everything but the panels. I then used Leadbelcher for the silver and Belathasar Gold for the copper parts. Any Gold plates were painted Retributor Armour.

4. Add your colours. I used Zandri Dust for the skulls, Mephiston Red for the lights and Caliban Green for any screens. I used Black Templars Contrast on any cables.

5. Wash all of colours, panels and silver, copper and gold prices with Agrax Earthshade

6. Dry brush the whole thing with Runefang Steel.

And that’s it. You may need to go over some of the colour parts if the silver stands out too much after the last step.

One thought on “Arks of April – The Painting

  1. That looks so good to have a fully painted set on the table. Seems like it’s quite straightforward to get done, too? Bravo, at any rate!!

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