Arks of April – Boarding Actions Terrain Set

Tonight begins the start of my next Monthly Challenge and this one is all about trying to get the Boarding Actions terrain set built and painted up throughout the month of April.

Tonight was just the start of the building process and I can see this taking a couple of nights to finish due to the amount of terrain that there is.

Varchilde has recently built up his set and advised me to build one section at a time (A1 parts, A2 parts and the corner caps etc) and so that is what I have focused on tonight.

Not bad for a night’s work but still loads more to do!

Update – 06/04/2023

The long walls are now ready after a second evening of building.

Update – 07/04/2023

Another evening of building of the walls.

Update – 08/04/2023

The last lot of walls have now been built and the set is complete!

It was quite a daunting project so I definitely recommend breaking it down into smaller more manageable chunks.

All that’s left now is to work out how to paint this. The aim will be simple and quick.

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