My first tournament

This Saturday sees my first adventure in the world of tournaments.

My local club are running their annual Mayhem event and for the first time ever I’ve put my name down.

I am both nervous and excited by this prospect. Excited as I get to spend the entire day play 40k (on International TableTop Day no less) but nervous as I still forget a lot of the rules. Not to mention my inability to use my times tables under pressure (how many dice do I need to roll for my Ork’s attacks?).

Still, it will be an experience and hopefully they’ll be a nice crowd down there.

So, what do you take to a tournament? How about probably the most uncompetitive army that there is: Orks.

Well it’s not about winning, it’s about running across the table shouting “Waaagh!” and hitting the other guys with whatever’s to hand.

So, that’s the tactics sorted, what am I taking?

The limit is 1000 points, so I’ve tried to go for a balanced list with a bit of everything:

Warboss with ‘eavy armour, Powerklaw, Boss pole and cybork body.

Pain boy

5 Nobz. 2 with Powerklaws, 1 with kombi scorcha,  2 boss poles. All with ‘eavy armour with a trukk with reinforced ram.

2 units of 11 boyz.  Both with Nobz with boss poles and big choppas.

5 lootas including a mek with kustom mega blaster.

3 Deffkoptas with Rokkit launchas

Dakkajet with extra SupaShootas and a Flyboss.

Deffdread with Powerklaw and kustom mega blaster

Kill kan with scorcha

Here is the army in all its Orky glory:







What do people think of my list or does it really not matter because I’m playing Orks?

The main thing for me will be to have fun and for that, I’ve got the right army.

Wish me luck


One thought on “My first tournament

  1. As a fellow Ork player I fear for da lads if you come up against a proper tournament list.
    However as long as you enjoy the games who cares about winning!!

    Just noticed the date on your post, hope it went and look forward to some reports of your games.

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