Kill Team

This Friday (tomorrow), I am taking part in my very first kill team game down at my local gaming club.

This is a one off, multi player kill team which will involve teams made up of two players. I believe there are six teams.

The game board is a home made Zone Mortalis board which will be used to represent a Space Hulk. The gaming club have run this type of game before and last time included a ton of zombies that the players had to destroy.

The rules that we had for picking our teams were:

250 points to spend, 100 points minimum to be spent on troops, no vehicles, walkers/monstrous creatures or flyers. Max 2 wounds per model, 1 special / heavy weapon per 5 troops.

Since I’ve never played Kill Team before, I asked for some guidance in picking my team.

The best advice I received, was “what type of Ork force would be investigating a Space Hulk?”. I knew then that my force needed to be about a Mek looking for cool scrap to use in his latest creations.

I only have 2 Big Meks built and painted, so I had the choice between a Shokk Attack Gun or a Kustom Force Field with Power Klaw.
Since I couldn’t afford armour for my Boyz and doubt standing still to fire a big gun would be an option in this game, I opted for the Kustom Force Field. I also had no points to include a Nob so the Power Klaw should come in handy too.

This does mean that the Big Mek takes up a lot of my points. Not a problem, as who would do the fetching for a Big Mek? Grots. Who are cheap as chips at 3 points per model.

I like the idea of flooding the board with troops (I am an Ork player) especially when they should be small enough to hide behind most pieces of cover completely.

So here is Grog Da Builda’s Scrap Crew:

15 boyz (6 points each) with 2 big shootas (5 points each), 12 grots (3 points each), Big Mek (35 points) with ‘eavy armour (4 points), power klaw (25 points) & Kustom Force Field (50 points).


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