My Christmas Hobby Haul

Well, Christmas has come and gone.

How did everybody do? Did the Emperor bless you with the items that you wanted?

I didn’t ask for many models this year, as I have far too many to build and paint already. However, this didn’t stop my Hobby Haul being full of GW goodies.


As you can see, the majority was scenery based items. I feel they benefit all of the other gamers in my gaming group too, so I feel fully justified in asking for them.

I’ve got some guardsmen to practice my paint schemes on (when I eventually get round to painting my Astra Militarum), some Codex supplements (because let’s face it, GW make awesome books) and a Project Box so I can attempt to keep my house a bit tidier.

All in all, a good year for me and I am very happy.

Now I just need some time to spend on this hobby of mine!…

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