Inquisitor Tiberius Rosehorn

The Hobby Butterfly strikes again!

Instead of working on one of my many ongoing projects, I was inspired to paint something completely different.

I’ve had this Rogue Trader era Inquisitor model for a few years now after Games Workshop re-released a few inquisitor models on their made to order service.

I really like games or campaigns that have a narrative hook, and what better character to lead a story set in the 41st Millennium than an old grizzled Inquisitor.

Not that he is likely to see much game time, but when he does, due to the lack of force weapon or daemon hammer, he won’t be equipped with Terminator armour.

Instead he will be wearing Power Armour and be armed with a Power Fist. Since he also can’t be armed with the combi needle pistol that he is modelled with, I can choose either a bolt pistol or a needle pistol, or for narrative purposes, I can really arm him with whatever I want.

Painting wise, I went for the same colour scheme as my Adeptus Custodes as nothing says important quite like a golden suit.

He’s the first metal miniature that I’ve painted in a long time and the first model that I’ve ever covered in GWs Stormshield varnish paint. Hopefully this will stop the paint job from chipping as that’s my big concern with metal models.

He was also very fun to paint and quick to do. Maybe I should have some more character models ready to paint for when I need to mix things up a bit.

And that’s one more box done on the Hobby Bingo!

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