Home made army storage

I, like many people in this hobby, have a lot of models. Models that I fully intend to (one day) have built and painted.

I’ve found myself recently picking up a paint brush again and like the hobby butterfly that I am, have jumped from one army to the next.

At the moment, I don’t have enough models painted for any of the armies that I could game with. As a result, it’s left me with a little dilemma, where do I keep these models?

I currently have three army cases of different sizes. The two larger cases are full of Orks as they are my most numberous and the army I mostly play with. My smaller skirmish case is more of a mixed bag with Crimson Fists, Dark Angels, Omega Guardians and Chaos Cultists all taking up space.

Rather than purchasing more army cases (which aren’t cheap) I thought that I could store my models in something else and then load up my army case once I’ve decided what I will take to a game.

I thought about getting some kind of foam inserts such as those by Feldherr or KR Multicase but with the world in lockdown and most FLGS not fully open (if at all) I remembered a YouTube video I saw once.

The video is by Wyloch’s Armoury. Here’s the link:

If you’re interested in making you’re own scratch built scenery, I recommend giving his channel a watch.

So, after watching Wyloch’s video I decided to give it a try. I’ve got plenty of boxes lying around the place from various Amazon puchases. All I needed was a hot glue gun and I was set.

As I said earlier, my Crimson Fist army is one of the forces that has taken up residence in my Skirmish case. I decided to give them their own permanent home in on one of the Amazon boxes.

Here is how much space they took up in my Skirmish case:

The troops (with a few Dark Angels thrown in)
The larger items

After following Wyloch’s video, here they are their new home:

Layer 1
Layer 2

For Layer 2 I really needed to use a piece of cardboard that’s the right size for this box, but I used what I had and it still works. There’s also plenty of space to make extra sections for more models.

Obviously with a lack of separation between some of the models, this case isn’t a replacement for my army cases that I use to transport in my models, but for storage it’s perfectly usable.

The box is by no means perfect, but not bad for a first attempt.

If you have more models than you can store and are just throwing them in cardboard boxes. I recommend this as a cheap way to keep them organised. This only cost me the one off price of a hot glue gun.

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