Project Update – Bastion & Aegis Defence Line

Imperial Bastion Aegis Defence Line

The project is beginning to build momentum, as this week I have finished one of the Imperial Bastions and put the finishing touches to the Aegis Defence Line.

For this project, I’m not painting any of the gun emplacements as they will not be used on the gaming table at the tournament. I will paint them at some point, but for this project, they aren’t needed.

Aegis Defence Line

The Aegis Defence Line was pretty much finished, but I added a silver highlight to the golden eagles and then gave a bit of dusting to the bottom to bring it (and the Bastion) inline with the Wall of Martyrs kit.

Imperial Bastion

The Bastion was relatively quick to paint as there were no extra details (like Heavy Bolters) attached to it. The worst part was trying to neaten up the grey on the inside of the barricades as I had been very sloppy with the silver on the details. The grey kept looking a different colour to the rest of it (maybe due to basecoating using the spray can).

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