Happy Birthday!

I’ve just realised that I started this blog (admittedly, it wasn’t called Table Standard at the time) five years ago! Wow.

Yes there have been periods of time where I haven’t posted anything, but to look back at all the posts I’ve made over the past five years is something that I am very proud of.

My posts haven’t seen the greatest use of the English language, nor have they been the wit-filled ramblings that everyone hopes that their posts would be when they start blogging, but they have been my posts and no one else’s. It has been me that has taken the time to write the posts, take a photo and smile every time that I have checked the stats to see that someone has taken a look at that I have written.

I am constantly finding Warhammer 40k Hobby blogs that appear to been forgotten about as they haven’t been updated in a couple of years. You look at all the posts that have been made and you wonder why the silence? Perhaps they’ve been too busy to blog, perhaps they have fallen out of love with 40k? To me, it’s sad as the blogs appear unfinished. With all of the blog activity up to the last post a long silence seems strange, but I know myself that inactivity periods happen.

In the end, its not about who reads your blog or how many likes you get. What matters is that you have enjoyed putting it all together and being able to look back at your body of work and be happy about it.

So, for everyone who has ever looked at, read, commented or liked anything that I have put on this blog over the past five years, I would like to say:

Thank You

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