Warhammer Fest

I’d started writing this post a while back but didn’t get round to finishing. For those of you waiting patiently for my blog posts, here it is:

So a couple of weekends ago, I took myself up North to Coventry to attend my first hobby event.

What did I think of the event?

While I admit that for me, there wasn’t really much there to get excited about, I can’t complain too much as I still found the day interesting.

Not much to get excited about?

As I said, I still enjoyed the day but alot of the event was wasted on me.
Forgeworld doesn’t really float my boat and while their battle displays were nice to look at, attending the seminars wasn’t on my to do list.
Same goes for The Black Library. I haven’t yet finished the first Horus Heresy book yet, so I wasn’t going to be jumping up and down at the excitement of a new book being released. While the 40k universe is my preferred book setting, I’m still a bit of a slow reader, with many ebooks waiting to be gazed at on my Kindle.
Meeting the various authors or design team staff also didn’t have a pull for me. I saw Jes and Dan from White Dwarf as well as Jervis Johnson, but apart from “Hey, I’ve seen you in a magazine” I really don’t know what I would say.
Seeing the art work that you could purchase was nice and as much as I would love to decorate a wall in my house, there was no way I could justify the cost.
I was also disappointed by the Citadel vault. I had hoped that there would be miniatures on display that I remember from my youth and I was hoping to see a variety. In the end there was only 3 groups on offer and only really so that they could be compared to the latest releases – Space Hulk, Dark Eldar & Undead. While it was nice to see how the designs and studio paint schemes have changed over the years,, it would have been better if there were more on offer (Chaos Dwarves, Necromunda gangs, Gorkamorka etc).

So what did I like about the day?

I enjoyed the painting and conversion demos that I attended, I also enjoyed looking at the armies on display (I attended the Saturday so no Golden Demon). But I think mostly what I liked was just being surrounded my the hobby that I enjoy.

Would I go again?

Yes, I think I would. Maybe I didn’t embrace as much of the day as I should have and maybe next year it will be held at the refurbished Warhammer World (hopefully that would mean that there is even more on offer). Maybe next year I’ll go for both days and try and fit more seminars and check out the Golden Demon entries.

All In all, I’m glad that I went. They say that these events are supposed to inspire, however looking at Dan from White Dwarf’s Orks on display, compare to mine, I was almost inspired to give up. White Dwarf doesn’t do his Orks justice!

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