Awaken the Necrons

I decided to make use of the many Necron models that I have piling up. An old Get Started box, Indomitus and the models drip feeding through my subscription to the Imperium magazine have caused me to have quite a collection.

I was motivated to get these models painted as a small force like this would be perfect to take along to the Warhammer after school club I help run. It will give the students more models to play with, while giving them a variety of units to use and still keep the games short.

Hopefully these will inspire the students to bring some smaller forces of their own.

I chose to paint my Necrons as part of the Nihilakh Dynasty. I’ve always thought it was a really cool scheme and I much prefer it to the new Szarekhan colour scheme. I also have an old White Dwarf magazine with Chris Peach’s painting tutorial, so decided to mostly follow that.

Royal Warden

Leading my Necron force is the Royal Warden that I received from issue 1 of the Imperium magazine. That means I still have one from Indomitus that I can paint up as a different Dynasty in the future.

He’s a really cool model and his weapon will be good at removing pesky Primaris Marines with its Strength 5, -2 AP and 2 Damage.


These are the old warriors with the classic green rods. I made sure I picked some of these up before the new warriors were released.

They may be almost identical to each other, but these old models have a charm about them.

Canoptek Scarab Swarms

I love how these classic Scarabs look and they’ll be a nice small unit to add some fast movement to the students’ games.

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