House Van Saar – The T-Rekkers

Another unit of 10+ models finished for the Hobby Bingo, and this time it’s another gang for Necromunda.

I based the colour scheme for this gang on the Starfleet uniforms from the Next Generation movies. I’m not entirely convinced I got the colours right but it suits for my purposes.

Basing the scheme on Starfleet uniforms also gave me plenty of names to use for my gangers, so here they are:


As you can see, I’ve not used the metal ponytails that the new Van Saars have as I’m not a fan.

I tried to keep his energy shield see through, but after a cock up with some super glue and an absolute mess trying to fix it, I had to paint the shield.










So, one more square down and another line completed on the Hobby Bingo, but I’m beginning to run out of time. I’ve still got a lot of models to get through (including a Stompa!). Will there be enough time?

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