Crimson Slaughter Exhaulted Champion

Another Crimson Slaughter model finished.

Just like the Sorcerer in Terminator Armour, this model has been primed red for ages and has been model that I’ve been meaning to paint but never had the motivation.

In the end, both the Exhaulted Champion and the Sorcerer in Terminator Armour both came out much redder than my previously painted Crimson Slaughter models. I’ve also changed how I paint the black under-carapace, while also adding a few more spot colours.

I’ve also decided to change how I base my Crimson Slaughter models so I am now in the process of re-painting all of their bases while updating the other colours so that they match with these two recent models.

4 thoughts on “Crimson Slaughter Exhaulted Champion

    1. Thanks Ann.

      Some might say too many details. I thought I’d finished this model weeks back, but once I took photos to add to the blog, I discovered that he was wearing a cord with a medallion that I hadn’t painted!

  1. I always find it’s a great feeling when you finish something that’s been primed or on the bench for ages. Congrats on finishing this one! Looks brilliant! (Also, damn, I need to get on that Bingo card thing.)

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